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Keutlwang Media (K-COM) is a media and communications company, that specializes in High Definition (HD) audio-visual production, media buying and placing.

Our offering is designed to elevate your brand to new heights while giving you the required exposure with your target market/audience

Our Client


Keutlwang Reid was born and bred in Mangaung, a township outside of Bloemfontein.

With her qualification in Television production from Natal Technikon, in Durban, Keutlwang wasted no time after graduating and promptly made her move to Johannesburg. Her plan being to pursue her dream of being one of South Africa’s leading young female television and film makers. As fate would have it, the ambitious and bright eyed Keutlwang would stop to drop her CV at e-TV, where she got hired on the spot.

When it was time to move up and grow, Keutlwang took a leap of faith and took the decision join the free lancing community. Spurring her into years of exciting projects with the public broadcaster (SABC) and South Africa’s Satellite station Multi Choice, where she worked on Big Brother Africa as a content director.

Keutlwang’s passion for story telling has stirred her determination to create more content for television, so as to open more opportunities for young and aspiring television makers.

Keutlwang also goes to schools where she gives talks to students about following alternative careers such as those previously reserved for males and to take a keen interest in Mathematics and Science at school as it opens a wide range of study opportunities after school.

Keutlwang is a notable speaker who is often invited to speak at functions and events, and has also been featured in two adverts for Activia and ABSA Bank. She speaks and writes basic French.


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